Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Natia from Georgia

I am Natia, for my friend Natuta ...volunteer from Georgia. I live in Rustavi nearby the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. I am mathematician, Interesting in photography like art craft, handmade things. I love mountains and sea. I’m happy taking part in excursion, making trip in different countries and getting more information about foreign people’s culture.
I am happy for being EVS volunteer in the project "Stakeholders in Action”. My project starts on 01.05.2009 and ends 31.10.2009. I’ll be glad to be in touch with other volunteers before the project starts. My friends did EVS in Romania in Arad and they liked it very much because of good conditions and good traditions in Romania. and I would also advise to others to join this project.


  1. Hello Natia! See you in Timisoara :)

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  3. I'm Ekaterine Amoeva,20,from Georgia.I'm 2nd volunteer in the same project.I'm happy that I participate in this project,and look forward to meet with other volunteers.

    see you soon:)

  4. ekaa are u? of course...see u soon :)

  5. Hi people!
    I'm Martina from Sardinia (Italy). It's a great idea knowing you before going to Romania!
    If you want I'm on Facebook, look for Martina Pichiri.
    I'm looking forward to meet you!!
    bye :)

  6. ciao marty..come stai? this is my little italian :)wellcome :) thank u for comment..I found u in